Advocacy & Lobbying

Montague Communications works to get important issues onto the public and political agendas. This is a key means of effecting progressive social, economic and political change. We do this both through media campaigns and through assisting groups to communicate directly with key decision-makers such as politicians and public servants.

However, we believe fundamentally in allowing our clients to tell their own story, with all of the passion and experience they can bring to bear on their case for change. We will however guide them through the maze of the political system so that they reach the people they need to reach.

We will provide professional support in preparing campaign groups and advocacy organisations to do this most effectively by:

  • Providing strategic advice on campaign building
  • Facilitating campaign delivery
  • Identifying key messages
  • Organising public events
  • Making submissions
  • Attending hearings
  • Organising representative delegations
  • Managing media relations
  • Preparing publications
  • Developing web based communication tools

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