Crisis Communications

Protecting A Reputation

The management and protection of an organisation's reputation and credibility is essential to its ability to win public support and influence the policy process.  This issue is even more pressing for organisations who are reliant on the goodwill of the public and the political system for funding.  In this context, Montague Communications has worked with many organisations to help prepare them for potential crisis situations and to assist them to manage such situations if they arose.

Risk is Real

A lot of organisations working with vulnerable or damaged people are involved in high-risk businesses, risks that have the potential to damage their reputations.  It is imperative therefore that preparing for and dealing with potential risks to an organisation's reputation is kept at the forefront of all its activity.

It is vital that nothing happens to undermine the trust of the people who they serve or on whose behalf they act.  Equally, it is important that their ability to influence policy formation is not weakened because of the negative impact this would have on your clients' interests.

Putting Procedures in Place

Montague Communications has helped many organisations to put processes and procedures in place to put them in a state of readiness so that if and when a problem arises they are well placed to manage their communications effectively and protect their reputations.

Part of this work involves:

  • Developing policies and procedures;
  • Preparing manuals for key staff;
  • Providing training to help staff prepare for possible risky situations;
  • Crisis communications media training.

Handling Crises

At Montague Communications, we also have extensive experience in helping organisations to manage crisis situation if and when they arise.

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