Strategy Development

One of Montague Communications’ key strengths is its ability to assist organisations to develop effective communications strategies – whether around specific issues or more and long-term strategies.  Indeed, we have also been involved in larger organisational strategic reviews both on our own and in partnership with other consultants.

Comprehensive Methodology

Through its experience in developing such strategies Montague has itself developed a comprehensive methodology dealing with:

  • Environmental analysis;
  • Stakeholder research;
  • Communications evaluation;
  • Strategy development;
  • Operationalising these strategies into specific activity plans;
  • Resource implications in terms of personnel, finance and time.

Extensive Experience

Montague Communications’ team have been responsible for conducting numerous audits and evaluations on behalf of a wide range of clients. 

In the last few years we have conducted such communications evaluations and developed comprehensive strategies for:

  • Homeless and housing organisations;
  • Health campaigners;
  • Older people’s organisations;
  • Trade unions;
  • Educational groups;
  • Public sector agencies;
  • Children’s organisations;
  • Ethnic and migrant/asylum seeker groups;
  • Disability organisations;
  • Human rights campaigners;
  • Educational establishments and organisations;
  • Environmental groups.

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